Gill Taylor

Gill Taylor

“Working as a senior executive within HR and the broader business in transformation roles, I understand what makes large scale international and small organisations and it’s leaders tick. With a track record in translating complex organisational challenges into simple goals and gaining cross business commitment to execution, above all I have had to be pragmatic in my approach to get things done. I am open, supportive, and challenging to clearly define problem statements and objectives up front, partnering to co-create solutions and develop realistic plans in response. My collaborative and direct style has helped me gain and build trust quickly, leading to positive outcomes and results for individuals and teams”

Gill has 40 years’ experience in business with over 2 decades in challenging Senior leadership posts, supporting and developing C-Suite leaders across Financial Services, Retail, Service Operations and not for profit sectors. Operating as Chief of Staff and trusted advisor to CEOs and as sounding board to the wider leadership team, developing corporate strategies and managing through periods of extensive business change whilst facing into significant economic and market headwinds.

Navigating these challenges as the Chief People Officer Bank of America Europe for 10 years. Gill recognised the benefits developing plans from an integrated customer/business and not solely a HR perspective could bring. Her belief in looking through the eyes of a customer, doing the ‘right’ thing and having clear measurable plans in place to do those ‘right’ things correctly, all led to the successful underpinning of a high performing organisation, achieving a top 20 Great Place to Work and winning numerous awards for excellence, that was eventually sold as MBNA to a large UK Bank.

Gaining skills and the lived experience of preparing a business for sale, its journey of digitisation, divestments, cost management, exits of people and products Gill has built a solid reputation amongst peers and industry for delivering in the right way.

Gill’s passion for solving organisational problems and delivering success through an engaged workforce proved valuable when she transitioned from leading HR functions into a business role with a broader cross business remit. Working at both AG & Ombudsman services (energy and communications) alongside the CEO as its Chief
Transformation Officer she simplified the group structure and ways of operating and introduced unified planning and change processes driving greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Gill took time out of corporate life in Summer 22 to study and has recently returned on a part time basis to working life to share her perspectives, skills and experiences as a Mentor/Coach for both aspiring executives and experienced C-Suite leaders.

Areas of specialism

• Leadership,
• Culture change, people engagement, building high performance organisations.
• Developing, driving, delivering the strategic agenda and maintaining focus for business